• Published , by Tom Devine

AVPro Edge introduces Impulse, a powerful tool for streaming live or recorded video signals to any major streaming website.

AVPro Edge is proud to announce the release of Impulse. In a collaboration with Sencore, Impulse is a compact single-channel encoder that allows the user to stream live (or recorded) content to any major streaming website or local channel like YouTube, Facebook, Ustream, Church Streaming and more. Impulse is an ideal solution for many end users including churches for broadcasting services to parishioners, bars and restaurants for streaming events or announcements, hospitals for sharing live procedures and training, and schools and universities for broadcasting classes via sites like Facebook and YouTube.
Impulse supports recording while simultaneously live streaming 1080p signals. The Impulse comes in two versions, HDMI input only and HDMI and SDI. Impulse can be configured from any browser and operated via front panel control or PC/MAC, a computer is not required for operation.
Jeff Murray CEO of AVPro Global stated, “Collaborating with broadcast engineering firm Sencore Electronics has enabled us to bring a truly unique product to market! Meet Impulse, the first cost effective single channel encoder that makes anyone a multimedia (including live) broadcaster in minutes. Packed with features like direct broadcasting to Facebook Live, UStream, and YouTube Live coupled with ease of installation and deployment Impulse puts you in the driver’s seat to present your message to a worldwide audience. The ability to accomplish this in the past took thousands of dollars in special broadcasting headend equipment or a dedicated high-powered PC with an operator knowledgeable in cobbling together a ‘system’.” Murray continued, “We know that the potential applications for this product are endless. The Impulse is up for an award for best new product at WFX (Worship Facilities Expo) in November, so we are excited about this launch and the future possibilities with this solution!”
Tyler DeNeui, Sencore Director of Business Development and Marketing, stated, “Sencore has a history built upon strong partnerships with industry specialists. We see AVPro as a fantastic partner in the Commercial AV space with their amazing line-up of video-centric solutions and market knowledge. We’re excited to bring the Impulse to market as it solves so many streaming frustrations in a single solution. It is perfect for the independent content creator, integrator, Church, or enterprise customer, and connected to any other AVPro product makes it that much more powerful.”
For more information or to purchase the AVPro Edge Impulse powered by Sencore, AC-IMPULSE or AC-IMPULSE-PLUS, please contact us at 877-886-5112 or visit www.AVProEdge.com/Impulse


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