• Published , by Tom Devine

AVPro edge is pleased to announce the December 2nd, 2022, release of a new driver pack for Q-SYS systems that provide front-end control to our MXNet 1G systems and for use with our upcoming MXNet 10G SDVoE platform. 

This new driver, based on a fresh control approach, caters to large system  scalability for matching device totals the MXNet ecosystem is capable of. Commissioned by AVPro Edge from Control Concepts, this driver differs substantially from the single plugin monolithic architecture of the current driver, which remains suitable for residential application use but may become increasingly problematic when device totals grow exponentially with large scale systems. 

Internal analysis coupled with insightful, valuable feedback from many of our commercial integrators contributed to the development of this Q-SYS control update. The new driver pack hosts a suite of multiple plugins (which must be linked together to form a functional system). Support documentation may be downloaded at: 


This documentation also includes a small demonstration program with an accompanying help document included in the ZIP file, which may be used for reference. 

AVPro Edge engineering is confident you will find this new driver will alleviate issues large-scale, hybrid MXNeT / Q-SYS system deployments were beginning to experience. 


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