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AVPro Edge has recently worked closely with C&E Marketing and HD2020 in the Tampa area to upgrade an existing home to the latest in audio video technology. With 16 independent video zones throughout the home and zero cabling that would meet today specifications, HD2020 knew this install was going to need a major overhaul to bring it up to date. Working with C&E Marketing HD2020 had been introduced to AVPro Edge for their video distribution products and knew that they would fit this installation perfectly.

Retrofit for 4K, but ready for 8k
Before any real whole home video distribution could be accomplished the major overhaul had to happen to the infrastructure. RG6 and old telephone wire was the only cabling run throughout the home. With the end user wanting the best picture quality possible, the designers at HD2020 knew they needed to bring this older home to the current standard of today’s technology.

Rewiring a home this size is a challenge, because it’s a lot of time and effort the customer didn’t want to have to do this again in a few years. To make sure that didn’t need to happen Fiber Optic cables and Cat6 shielded was run throughout the entire home to every zone. Ensuring even when there is a jump to 8k this installation will be ready via the fiber optics.

Florida Home’s are Built Different!
Being in the heart of Hurricane country brings many codes and building styles that most integrators may not be familiar with. HD2020 being a staple of the Florida audio video industry were prepared for the challenge. After a clear game plan from their designer and signed off on from the end user the team went to work, delivering fiber optics and Cat6 throughout the entire home. Once finished the cabling infrastructure was like a brand new construction build.

AVPro’s Whole Home Solution
The chassis based matrix switcher was the right choice for this installation allowing HD2020 to send 18Gbps video signals to every zone. Using Dolby Atmos downmixing cards the user is able to watch the same source through every zone in the home, and can be confident that they are hearing the best possible audio for that zone; be it 2 channels up to 24+ zones of Dolby Atoms or DTS-X.

Murideo for Display calibration
HD2020 partnered with Murideo to ensure that every single tv in the installation was getting the most optimized system possible. Jason Dustal a long time calibration expert was the main consultant on the installation and actually coming on site to color calibrate every display in the installation.

AVPro Edge helps its customers deliver the latest in video technology, with flexible interoperable products that are engineered to deliver the best whole home video experience possible.


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