• Published , by Tom Devine

​​The big brother to our most popular matrix switch is here! Introducing the 18Gbps 8x2 Auto Switching Matrix and AVR workaround. Available as a stand alone or rack mount version (AC-MX82-AUHD-RM), this switch is perfect for any home theater.

The AC-MX82-AUHD is ideal for bypassing AVRs that do not support full 18Gbps. Bypass uncompressed HDMI to the display while running down-scaled video into a legacy AVR. Only video is reduced and audio remains untouched, making it an ideal component for systems where high bit-rate audio is critical. 

Many like this switch for the home theater, but it is also a conference room all-star. The auto-switching feature makes this unit an ideal, affordable, component for any conference room system. This allows the user to set up the installation so that anytime someone connects a new source, the matrix switcher automatically switches the two outputs to that source.

This is an ideal solution for digital entertainment centers, home theaters, HDTV retail, show sites, data centers, schools, conference and training centers and more!

To learn more about the AC-MX82-AUHD visit the product page or give us a call at 877-886-5112!

Key Benefits:

Overcoming AVR Problems
In today's fast moving, high-bandwidth, video market there is often a need to send high bitrate, bit stream audio into AVR's to take advantage of audio advances like Dolby Atmos or DTS-X.  The problem is the AVR's, while especially well suited for audio, lack the robust ability to manage high-bandwidth HDR video.  This simple switch will allow you bypass full, un-scaled, uncompressed video on to displays or projectors and simultaneously down-scale one output to lower bandwidth video while maintaining the original untouched audio codecs, making it ideal for sending this second HDMI signal into an AVR. 

Auto-Switching (Conferencing)
Ideally suited for conference rooms or environments where you want the matrix to simply switch to the active input, or activate when a device is plugged in.  BYOD applications are growing, and this unit is ideally suited to manage this type of environment.

  • Auto switching mode can be configured:
    • Both outputs auto switch together
    • Only one output auto switches.
    • NOTE - In either mode output 1 can be down-scaled to accommodate a room where one display is 1080P and another is 4K.

4K Up/Down Scaling
This technology is managed on output two. This will allow you to downscale 4K sources to 1080p.  This completely eliminates the problem that all other matrices have that forces them to "dumb down" the entire system even if there is only one old 1080P display.


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