• Published , by Tom Devine

Bullet Train has teamed up with Cleerline SSF Fiber Optics to deliver a stable cable solution to all integrators for beyond 4K video.

HDMI 2.1 specifications are already showing up in consumer displays; 5k, 8k, and even 10K resolution capable displays are being shipped by manufacturers like Sony, Samsung, NEC, and Dell; and we will soon have sources that can push these signals over an HDMI pipeline. Also, gaming consoles, streaming devices, and computers will soon come standard with 8K or 10K capabilities. So, to distribute these signals, you will have to install a cable that is ready for higher bandwidths. 

Current cables may not be able to handle the higher frame rates, eARC, or higher resolutions. As an integrator, your customers expect the best. Give them the most top-performing products, starting with Bullet Train's 10K HDMI cables.​

​Cleerline SSF revolutionized the fiber optic industry by offering fiber that is safe to use, easy to terminate, and built for audio-video. Bullet Train's AOC 10K HDMI cables are made with Cleerline's “Stronger. Safer. Faster.” fiber optics. This means we can offer very long HDMI cables that still push 10K resolutions. By using quality fiber, you are going to have an ultra-stable signal passed without the electrical interference you can experience with copper cables.

Beyond Future Proof:
One of the best things about using this type of fiber optic cable is the ability to adapt to future bandwidth restrictions and resolutions. For example, if someday we needed to pass 100Gbps with 35K resolution, you could cut the head off these cables and use the strands of fiber, making them the perfect in-wall solution for video distribution. 

To get your hands on Bullet Train's 10K cables today, give us a call 605-274-6055 or visit


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