• Published , by Tom Devine

One of the most exciting announcements at InfoComm 2019 was the release of the Valens VS3000 chip. This application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) is the first to enable long-distance uncompressed 4K60 (4:4:4) with HDR signaling via HDBaseT. Up to this point an integrator would have to install fiber optics to deliver such a high bandwidth signal. With the release of this chip, manufacturers will be able to take advantage of this new technology and build products like never before.
The Valens Stello Family of chips and HDBaseT have been providing integrators with stable audio video distribution since 2006. With HDBaseT 3.0, manufacturers can build audio/video transmission products that also distribute 1Gb Ethernet, USB 2.0, control and power over a category cable, with nearly zero latency. This is pretty impressive. Another innovative feature is the ability to get rid of the Tx and Rx mentality. With HDBaseT 3.0 the Rx and Tx will look the same and have the ability to act as a receiver or transmitter unit.
AVPro will be on the forefront of developing products using this technology when the full details are released. ​There is also no need to worry about inter-operability with current chip sets as this new VS3000 chip will still work with the VS100 & VS2000 families.


This means you are about to be delivering 18Gbps over CAT 6A without using compression. A common misconception in the A/V industry is that the 10.2Gbps bandwidth threshold for category cable was because of the physical copper wiring. Simply, the technology behind delivering audio video signals at such long distances wasn’t quite there yet. Valens and HDBaseT have changed that notion with this recent announcement. With the power of VS3000 series from Valens working within the HDBaseT 3.0 specification, integrators will find themselves delivering beautiful 18Gbps uncompressed signaling in their installations. Showcasing 60 frames per second 4K over long distances with near-zero latency.


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