• Published , by Tom Devine

​AVPro Edge develops complex hardware products that integrators use for A/V distribution. To use these products properly, you need to have quality, highly engineered HDMI cables. 

AVPro took this task upon ourselves. Using our 48Gbps Oscilloscope we could perfect the HDMI signal’s wavelengths to pass video signals with the least amount of latency and crystal-clear imaging. The product of this development is Bullet Train HDMI Cables. Learn More...
Did You Know? Bullet Train HDMI Cables come in Master Pack Boxes so you will never run out on the job site!

Bullet Train HDMI Cables are a crucial part of a video distribution system, and unlike category cables, it isn’t possible to terminate them in the field when you need them. 10K Passive Master Packs have a unique solution to keep HDMI Cables accessible in the field. They offer the same lengths in larger quantities and have an easy access slot on the bottom. Integrators can keep the Master Pack in their truck and get access to the HDMI Cables they need when they need them.


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