Why is it beneficial to work with AVPro?

We're thrilled to unveil the insightful perspective of Cardone Solomon & Associates on the unparalleled benefits of partnering with AVPro Edge. In an illuminating write-up, John Cardone, representing Cardone Solomon & Associates, delves into the exceptional advantages of collaborating with our company. From cutting-edge technology to unwavering support and a customer-centric approach, Cardone's enthusiastic endorsement underscores the depth of our commitment to excellence. Let's embark on a journey through Cardone's reflections, exploring how AVPro Edge continues to redefine industry standards and foster enduring partnerships.

What is beneficial, and essential with working with any company in our industry are the following things.

The Technology
 The technology needs to always be looked at, evaluated, and continuously updated to keep pace with the market.  AVPro Edge has not stopped being innovative since our first day working with them.  They continuously set and re-set the bar from the latest technologies available.
Support is a critical component in any companies partnerships with a manufacturer and needs to address several subsets.  What do people need to know about AV Pro Edge’s support?

  • AVPro Edge has evolved its technical support model numerous times over the last few years to keep pace with new product development and deployment into new areas such as AVoIP, USB, etc..  They have beefed up their staff several fold as well as designated a special team to handle all commercial customers as well as updating their service ticket escalation process. 
  • On site and remote support- If on site support is required they are not adverse to send their experts on site if for some reason on line support isn’t enough. 
With AVPro Edge’s 10 NO BS Unlilimited Warranty, customers can take solace in knowing that AVPro Edge is prepared in the event of a product failure (which is VERY RARE) to send advance replacements, and pay the freight for the replacement and the unit being returned.  If overnight advance replacement is required because of the high profile nature of a project, they will do so without putting their customers through a gauntlet.
Listening To The Market
Over our companies history, we have worked with many companies.  Over that time, some have rose to the top of their respective disciplines and became a worldwide player.  AVPro Edge is one of a few that has a fantastic job listening to their customers and representatives who are their feet on the ground.  As such, many new and pertinent products have been developed from that feedback as opposed to some other companies that rely on internal mechanisms with respect to new product development.  This can result in serious monies being sent on developing a product that may not have a market, and manufacturers representatives may have to find an alternate market which may be a distraction from their normal strengths, contacts, etc.  Yes it’s great finding new markets, however sometimes the distractions can be problematic.
The People Behind The Company
Taking into account 1 through 4, and saving the best for last, it’s the people behind the company that really make a company successful, or as we often say, “It’s not just about the box.”  AVPro Edge has hired a terrific group of dedicated and motivated people that are all focused on building the company.  As we have gotten to know that team at AVPro Edge, it’s become obvious that the customers come first, and they will move heaven and earth to earn, and keep their trust.  As reps, this is probably one of the most important aspects of any company we represent.  We feel we are an intregal part of the team, and as such that confidence and pride is infectious to us, and picked up by our customers.
We’re proud to represent AVPro Edge.
Best Regards,
John Cardone
In conclusion, John Cardone's illuminating commentary not only underscores the exceptional benefits of partnering with AVPro Edge but also celebrates the driving force behind our success: our dedicated team. From groundbreaking technology to unwavering support and market responsiveness, the pillars highlighted by Cardone reflect the core values ingrained within our company culture. As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the industry, it is the passion, expertise, and commitment of our team that propels us forward. With gratitude for the trust placed in us by partners like Cardone Solomon & Associates, we are steadfast in our mission to exceed expectations and deliver unparalleled solutions. Together, we embrace the future with confidence, knowing that our collective efforts will continue to shape and elevate the AV industry.


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