• Published , by Tom Devine

ConferX's Low-Cost Single Office A/V Solution
In today's modern office, sharing your computer screen with co-workers and clients is a must. Many people have found a need to work from home and then found that their home office leaves a lot to be desired. This is where we, as A/V experts come in. You can show your client that even with a small budget you can have a powerful A/V solution that allows you to have a second monitor for your computer, share your screen to a local display, and gives you amplified audio when you really need to pay attention to that webinar or video call. 

This install is straightforward; all you need is:

  • Your Computer
  • Extra Monitor
  • TV/Display
  • AVPro Edge's Wall Plate Transmitter - Available inputs are HDMI, USB-C, DisplayPort, or VGA. This is the point where you will connect your computer. 
  • AVPro Edge's Signal Receiver & Amplifier - This unit will connect to the wall plate via a single category cable, displaying your second computer screen on your extra monitor, and showing the same image on a reference in-room display. You can connect your favorite speakers directly to this unit for amplified audio as well.
  • Some HDMI, Category, and Speaker Cabling. 

With this setup, you can share your screen locally, listen to amplified audio, and even have a distributed audio system integrated into your office. Bring your set up into 2020 with AVPro Edge's ConferX packages. Want more information about this solution? Contact us today for a quote.


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