• Published , by Tom Devine

The AVPro Edge 4x2 matrix switcher (AC-MX42-AUHD) is the ideal single room switch. A true 4x2 HDMI matrix switch, the 4x2 supports HDMI 2.0(a/b), HDCP 2.2, up to 4K video resolution, and up to 18Gbps bandwidth. This sleek switch is the perfect single-room solution. It’s no secret that TVs have one optimized HDMI input port. The 4x2 allows integrators to use the best port for all of their clients’ content to the display.

One of AVPro’s most popular switches, this switch features 18Gbps bandwidth support, full HDR support, EDID Management plus a 4K --> 1080P downscaler on output 1 for legacy displays. The 4x2 is also ideal for bypassing AVR’s that do not support full 18Gbps. Bypass uncompressed HDMI to the display while running down-scaled video into a legacy AVR. Only video is reduced, and audio remains untouched, making it an ideal component for systems where high bit rate audio is critical.

Need more sources? The 4x2’s big brother the 8x2 and 8x2 Rack Mount have the same comprehensive feature set, just more inputs. With two versions, you can leave the switch in the room or mount it in a rack.



Single room switching has never been easier, optimize your client’s experience with the 4x2. With Enhanced features and high bandwidth support, this switch has been installed and field-tested in hundreds of installs around the world. Give AVPro a call today to purchase this tiny powerhouse matrix switcher.


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