• Published , by Tom Devine

There are a few common issues that continue to plague A/V integrators all over the world. Sometimes these issues do not show up until after the installation, which cause truck rolls, cost labor hours, and ultimately affect the bottom line. These issues can be especially frustrating when a technician drives to the job only to hear the customer say, “Weird, now it’s not doing it!” Been there done that, and it’s not fun!

Today we will touch on a common problem in a common A/V system and give you a solution using an AVPro Edge product. Our goal as a company is to create products that not only make installers' lives easier, but also help maximize profits by not wasting time and money on troubleshooting calls.

Common Problem: The set top box is never stable regardless of the display you are trying to watch it on. The signal intermittently cuts in and out and you cannot pinpoint the point of failure. 

What’s Going On: Many set top boxes (also security cameras and other legacy HDMI sources) that are outputting 1080i have stability issues in a high bandwidth distribution system. Also some sink devices have issues with interlaced signals resulting in a blinking image or no image at all.

The Solution: The AVPro Edge AC-SC2-AUHD is a small scaler that can be easily installed just after the problematic source. It has an HDMI input and output, a power connection, and a few buttons for setup. Thanks to the SC2’s unique Adaptive Scaling Mode, stability issues from these problematic sources are a thing of the past. The SC2 will automatically scale and de-interlace any signal below 1080p to 1080p, and it will re-equalize the HDMI signal for maximum stability and performance. 

The AC-SC2-AUHD is not only a scaler, but also an EDID manager, it can extract audio, is compatible with every flavor of HDR, and even has built in test patterns for troubleshooting a device or infrastructure. 

The AC-SC2-AUHD can be a lifesaver, and considering the price it’s a no-brainer for every installer. For more information, visit or give us a call at 605-274-6055.


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