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Our distribution partner in New Zealand, Key Service Ltd, reached out to us with this testimonial that we wanted to share. Sosimo does stunning luxury home integration all over New Zealand. You can find more information about Sosimo here

​“As a systems Integrator supplying bespoke Home Automation solutions from simple one room home theatre to high-end residential projects, we have been supplying HDMI and HDBaseT matrix and distribution equipment since it was first released onto the market. Over a 15+ year period we have installed equipment from all of the major industry players from simple HDBaseT extenders and 4x4 HDMI matrixes through to full card frame 16x16 matrixing for more complicated and highly automated projects.   

The reality of working in this environment is that it is challenging. Managing interoperability between manufacturers – i.e “this display works fine but only with this matrix and only with this brand AVR” can be a potential nightmare! Building sites where segregation and protection of cabling can be difficult to achieve and protect from other services during construction. When you factor in fast moving technology changes in displays panels, ever increasing resolutions / bandwidth, the cost of on-going servicing for clients that require 100% performance we were looking for a technology partner rather than a one off solution. When we first heard about AVPro Edge equipment we viewed them with a fair degree of cynicism. While most suppliers say they have the best, fastest or most cost effective solutions – many have released products that are fraught with exaggerated performance or even worse, are simply not fit for purpose. So to us, initially – AVPro Edge was just another brand.   

The reality however was completely different. With a range of products from HDBaseT extenders and matrixes that really do work and can handle the required scaling, hand-shaking, resolution and bandwidth, AVPro Edge product usually just works – straight out of the box. That’s almost unheard of in our industry.  AVPro Edge also has a range of test equipment that allows us to diagnose and test our installs to meet a specified standard. Being able to pinpoint and test for any potential issues in our workshops before we even get to site. This has been instrumental – letting us provide installations where handshaking and compatibility issues are now generally a thing of the past. This is very clever product – the perfect range of scalers, DA’s, extenders, matrixes and tools developed  to get the job done – in the real world!  For us, quite simply this means - Installations that work the first time, every-time, with reduced cost of service and most importantly for our clients – 100% uptime."   

– Grant Kirton, Director, SOSIMO Limited

If you have any questions about getting AVPro Edge product in New Zealand please reach out to Key Service Ltd; 34A Cryers Road, East TamakiAuckland, New Zealand, call +09 916 0960 or visit


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