• Published , by Tom Devine

The AVPro Employee Highlight section is a new way for you to get to know our AVPro Family. Let's get to know Joe!

What is your Name and your roll at AVPro Global Holdings?
My name is Joe Kamm and I am the Warehouse Lead here at AVPro.
Whats you favorite Color? 
My favorite color is green.
Whats your favorite food? 
I would have to say spaghetti is my favorite food.
What do you like about working at AVPro? 
What I like most about working for AVPro is the people. Every person that works for AVPro makes it fun and exciting to work with.
From your point of view, how is AVPro different from other electronic manufacturers?
Being in the warehouse I see product always improving. They are always thinking ahead and coming out with better products to help fit the needs of our customers.
What has been your best “moment” since working with AVPro?
I think the best moment was becoming Warehouse Lead and continuing to grow with the company.
You head up your team based in South Dakota? What's the best and worst part of living in the 605?
Technically I live in the 712 (Iowa). So I would say the worst part is the 45 minute drive in to the 605 but, working for AVPro makes it worth it!
If you had it your way, what is one thing you would change with the professional audio video world? 
Honestly I’m not sure I would change anything. Being in the audio video world it is always changing and keeps things interesting.


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