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I think we can all agree - in today's world of video displays, bigger is better; however, size alone is no longer enough. The bar for image quality has been set higher than ever, with single displays in the 100"+ range delivering stunningly bright, high-resolution HDR pictures that are truly mind-boggling. For larger displays, the solution, in most cases, has been to move to a front-projection system. Projectors can look amazingly good given the proper viewing environment. There have been many advancements to expand the definition of "proper viewing environment"; however, technical limitations prevent any projector from approaching the impact of today's direct view devices.

Enter the Video Wall. Video walls themselves have been around for a while; the idea of creating one image with multiple displays is not new. There have even been some very successful attempts at creating extensive systems that provide image quality on-par with the best available video panels. Unfortunately, those solutions are also very successful at emptying the average customer's bank account, severely limiting the potential customer base for such an installation. That's where the Fresco CAP 9 video wall processor comes in. Now you can build a high-resolution display system for a fraction of the price of other solutions. Some excellent commercial video wall panels are available, and a growing number of "bezeless" residential options offering 4K resolution (and beyond) and HDR.

The Fresco CAP 9 can deliver a full 4K image with HDR, including Dolby Vision, to a 2x2 or 3x3 video wall array at a surprisingly reasonable cost, many times for less than that of a good front projection system. Now the limitations and considerations imposed by a front projection system are no longer an issue. A truly remarkable, knock-your-socks-off display is now available to anyone with space for it. And with the multitude of options for panel configurations, there is a perfect solution for almost any space.

​Audition a Fresco CAP9 for yourself; it will change the way you look at large video displays!



Steve Baker is and industry veteran, AVPro's Sales Manager for the Western US, and a regular here on the blog. Here is a little more info about Steve:

​I entered the A/V industry in 1979. Since then I have worked in retail sales/management, custom integration installation /sales/project management as well as business owner and licensed contractor. Since 1999 I have worked primarily in CEDIA channel distribution and direct representation.


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