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AVPro Edge works hard to ensure we support every control system around, recently we were connected with the company Ultamation that is building premium drivers to work with AVPro Edge products. Lets learn a little more about Ultamation:

Company Name: Ultamation
Website: https: //www.ultamation.com/

Tell us a little about the company you work for, how did you get your start, and what type of work do you do?

Ultamation delivers multi-award winning integration projects, one of which recently won the title of “The Best Integrated Home in the World”.  With a Crestron Platinum Master Programmer heading our team - alongside our passion for integrating the weird and wonderful - we are in a unique position to deliver excellence.

In recent years we have realized there is a strong appetite, within the Crestron programmers community, for off-the-shelf tools, modules and drivers.  With the expertise within the team we have developed an online shop, which currently features 28 Crestron modules and 25 Crestron Home drivers in addition to various design and analysis tools, to support Crestron programmers across the globe.

Where are you located and what geographic territories do you work?

We are based in Liverpool, North-West England.  Our project work is predominantly in the UK, although we have done projects as far a field as Dubai.  We do consultancy work worldwide and have regular customers in the USA. The online shop, which sells Crestron tools, modules and drivers supports programmers and Crestron systems worldwide. (Website above)

What makes you company unique?

We have the skills and passion to create unique home automation solutions to provide clients with their ideal bespoke system.  In the last year, we have focused our energies into developing drivers for Crestron Home systems.  We’re one of a handful of companies doing this and work with numerous manufacturers, like AVPro, to ensure we have reliable, good quality drivers aided by excellent customer support.

Why do you like working with AVPro Edge products?

Working with manufacturers to bring product support into environments like Crestron Home can be a challenge at times.  Working with AVPro was a model of efficiency – we were given all the support we needed and access to the important technical assets within AVPro.  What’s more, the quality of their technical documentation is excellent which always makes our job easier.

AVPro Edge is happy to have another top-tier partner when it comes to control options, it’s clear that Ultamation can offer our customers premium drivers that allow them to create the installation environment their customer are looking for.

Make sure you follow Ultamation everywhere you can:

Twitter: @Ultamation
Facebook: @Ultamation
Instagram: @Ultamation


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