• Published , by Tom Devine

AVPro Edge is at the bleeding edge of NextGen 8K technology, having introduced and continuing to add to a portfolio of World’s First products that have placed us in pole position for the race into the future.

Talking with Commercial/Pro AV sales and design consultants, we were alarmed to discover how many are not deploying next-level technologies or even contemplating their use.

Reliance upon twenty-year-old plus system design topologies while casting a blind eye toward industry evolution may evoke feelings of comfort in long-term product familiarity however, it will unquestionably jeopardize business viability when next-level products become mainstream and the ability to rapidly adapt is found to be an impossibility due to a voluntary aversion to contemporary industry advances. 

All participants in the Commercial/Pro AV sector would benefit from investigating and implementing products currently in use by savvy residential and resi-mercial integrators whose insight has propelled them into the Commercial/Pro AV space with current technologies that have served to grow their businesses immensely. It may safely be expressed: The “Pro” moniker now resides on their mantels. 

AVPro Edge has prepared a presentation illustrating how the advances in technology available today not only offers immediate solutions for Commercial/Pro AV integrators and their clients but provides a roadmap for logical future upgrade paths clients will want to take, providing them with competitive advantages. These clients will find integrators that can fulfill their requirements. Where does that leave you? 

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