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​AVPro Edge has just launched one of our most innovative products ever. We have been asking installers around the world what they want in a video distribution system and with the feedback created a matrix that is completely customizable yet has all the setup and configuration tools needed to get the job installed quickly and painlessly.

Enter AXION X. A customizable video distribution system allowing installers to build and design the matrix switcher for the specific installation. With up to 16 inputs & 16 outputs of various types, Dolby Atmos audio downmixing and built-in scaling, this device was engineered to be the ideal choice for the custom integrator.

AXION X is engineered for high-end systems and can handle any HDMI 2.0 signal, including 4K, HDR, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos. With available audio downmixing cards, you have the option of downmixing Dolby Atmos audio into a 2 channel signal that is perfect for whole-home distribution. The integrator's choices make AXION stand out; selecting between HDMI, HDMI with scaling, or HDBaseT for long video runs lets the integrator decide what type of infrastructure will work best for them.






 Check out our training as we learn the literal in's and out's of the AXION system, including HDBaseT inputs and outputs, HDMI inputs and outputs with different scaling configurations, Dolby Atmos and DTS-X bitstream downmixing cards, if your job calls for it, we have a solution to get it distributed around your entire installation.



  • AC-AXION-IN-AUHD: Dual 18Gbps HDMI input ports with dual HDMI loop out ports
  • AC-AXION-IN-AVDM: Dual 18Gbps HDMI input ports that downmix 8+ channel audio to two-channel via the audio extraction port and dual HDMI loop out ports
  • AC-AXION-IN-HDBT: Dual 18Gbps ICT HDBaseT input ports with a single mirrored HDMI port
  • AC-AXION-IN-MCS: Dual 18Gbps HDMI input ports with dual HDMI loop out ports and MCS (Mission Critical Scaling)
  • AC-AXION-OUT-AUHD: Dual 18Gbps HDMI output ports
  • AC-AXION-OUT-HDBT: Dual 18Gbps ICT HDBaseT output ports with a single mirrored HDMI port
  • AC-AXION-OUT-MCS: Dual 18Gbps HDMI output ports with MCS (Mission Critical Scaling) and a single mirrored HDMI port



​The AVPro Edge User Interface is something entirely new for every installer that uses our matrix switchers. This completely redesigned, built-in interface comes standard on all AXION system switchers, and trust us – setting up a video distribution system has never been easier.


Managing HDMI signals can be challenging, interoperability between sources and displays, changes in signal type coming from different types of content, Hollywood protection with HDCP; each one of these things can cause havoc on your Installation. Matt Murray, AVPro Edge CTO, had this to say about the AEUI.

“AXION is really a complete redesign of our UI from the ground up. It has impacted the Dealer Experience massively by allowing them to do installs faster, get deep diagnosis information on HDMI and HDBaseT (and soon Fiber) and report this intel directly to our tech support team so when problems do happen, we can solve them faster. In turn the end user experience is revolutionized. In addition, we have total cloud connectivity allowing for remote/LAN Firmware updates (with notifications), remote system monitoring, and cloud to cloud connectivity. We now have the ability to use any REST API in the world and that will allow us to deeply integrate with 3rd party products like your favorite control system – a soon to be released example of which is Josh AI Voice Cast that will allow intelligent routing of Josh responses to the room you are located in.”

For more information on the AXION X, visit or give us a call at 877-886-5112.


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