• Published , by Tom Devine

The AVPro team is proud to serve in our community of Sioux Falls, SD. Our own Stefan Tonjes is a great example. We asked Stefan a few questions about his volunteer role at the Special Olympics:

How long have you volunteered for the Special Olympics?
  • I have volunteered for the past seven years

What events do you attend/help with?
  • I coach basketball in the winter and softball in the summer

How many participants do you work with?
  • My teams usually have about 10 participants and there are hundreds of participants city wide

Why do you like volunteering for the Special Olympics
  • I love working with Special Olympics because they have the most optimistic outlook on life. Even times they are having bad day it doesn’t take much effort to turn their attitude around. The kids are always appreciative of what we as coaches do and will always ask where I was and what I was doing if I cant make an event. They always remind me by their actions, words and deeds that your attitude on life is a choice and to always strive to make the best of it.

Thanks Stefan for volunteering your time to help the community! To learn more about the South Dakota Special Olympics, please visit!


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