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The AVPro Employee Highlight section is a way for you to get to know our AVPro Family. Let's get to know Blake!

What is your Name and your roll at AVPro Global Holdings?
Blake Palmer
Director of Operations
Whats you favorite color?
Kansas City Chiefs Red
Whats your favorite food?
Sushi – all of it
What do you like about working at AVPro?
My coworkers! Its like working with family…a hard working family!
From your point of view, how is AVPro different from other places you worked?
This is easy. It’s taking care of our customers! I have never worked at a place that will take care of the customers from start to finish like AVPro does!
What has been your best “moment” since working with AVPro?
The best moment is being a part of this company’s growth and seeing it evolve each and every day.
AVPro Operates out of South Dakota, what the best and worst part of living in the 605?
The best part is all the fishing and hunting opportunities year round. The worst part is in February, when the temperature doesn’t get above zero for weeks.
If you had it your way, what is one thing you would change with the professional audio video world?
Can we stop at 8k already? Its hard to keep up with all the changes! Luckily AVPro keeps me on the forefront.
What is your favorite Consumer Electronic?
The PlayStation 5 and the PSVR- when my kids aren’t playing with them, I love to jump on and play some games.
We hear you enjoy hunting, what do you have your eye on this year?
I really cannot wait until November! I have two deer tags this year and I have my heart set on taking a monster muley. Pheasant hunting with friends and family are always a highlight as well.


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