• Published , by Tom Devine

Calling all Control4 installers using AVPro Edge matrix switchers. Here we are going to breakdown how to go about setting up your system so you never have any audio routing problems. 

There is a specific way to set the audio bindings inside the Control4 Composer Software and when done correctly, the audio will route exactly as it needs to.​

Step 1. Make Connections
Make all of your physical connections. Take extra care ensuring each connection is going from the matrix switchers extracted audio ports directly to the Control4 audio matrix. The way the physical connections are set will be completely different than how we set it up in the Composer software. 

Step 2. Adjust "Audio Switching" Inside Composer Pro
Open up your Control4 Composer Pro software, navigate to the "A/V Switch" and click the properties tab. In this section you will find the "Audio Switching" section. Select "Bind to Input", this will make sure the audio outputs are tied to the sources being inputted. 
Step 3. Set Audio from Source to Audio Matrix
To ensure your audio will route correctly, inside composer we need to set the audio for each source to be directed to the audio matix. So click on your source, and set the "Output Main" for Audio to the Audio Matrix. You may have the urge to choose audio outputs from our switch, but do not do this, it will cause your audio to be routed incorrectly. 

NOTE! Your source’s driver in Composer Pro will have extra audio ports, even if they don’t physically have them. If for some reason they do not show up in the software, you can place an extractor piece in line with the source (even though it really isn’t there physically) and make the connections accordingly in the software.
Now you know how to correctly install an AVPro Edge matrix switcher along side Control4 and an audio matrix. Keep checking out our blog and youtube channel for new tips and tricks every month!


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