• Published , by Tom Devine

Vista, Ca, March 17, 2022

Brawn Consulting in association with AVIXA is launching a three-day virtual class (March 29, 30, 31) on the new role of sales and the importance of the salesperson.
Alan Brawn notes that “Every year we celebrate new AV, IT, and digital signage technologies. Today the technologies are different but so are the relationships with our customers. The focus is no longer about a product but rather solving problems and creating an AV experience that adds value beyond the products we sell.”
AVIXA notes “The role of sales takes on a new meaning and importance and we need to be prepared to address the new reality of the seller/buyer relationship with new skills. This new course explores the need for differentiation and that today the difference is “you” the salesperson.”

This course includes:
    • The history of sales
    • Exploring "you" the salesperson
    • Synthesizing today's sales models
    • Differentiate by adding your value
    • Understanding customer personalities
    • Handling objections/continuances/rejections
    • Being productive versus busy
    • The buyers, sellers, and influencers
    • Keys to success

New virtual course alert! Sales’ New Role and the Importance of You is taking place on March 29-31. The role of sales takes on a new meaning and it’s important to be prepared. Learn more and register now!'-new-role-and-the-importance-of-you

​About Brawn Consulting:
A service-based alternative to the high cost of developing in-house technical resources. It provides outsourced sales, product, and application engineering support, plus systems design, training and follow-up services for AV, IT, and digital signage manufacturers, distributors, and resellers. Brawn Consulting provides market intelligence services plus “Go to market” analysis, strategy development, and consulting to help companies plot a clear path to enter a market.  Brawn Consulting also works with manufacturers, distributors, and resellers to create educational programs and content, train their staff, and the sales channels they serve.


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