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Definition: Bandwidth is the maximum rate of data transfer across a given path.
Ok, We know what bandwidth is, but how can it affect the custom integrators? 
Many video distribution systems have bandwidth limitations of 10.2 Gbps or less. When using modern 4k devices, this will cause major havoc to your system—creating the need for truck rolls back to the site, changing out products, and an overwhelmingly large amount of wasted time. Now what's going to happen when the next step comes, 8K, 10K, and beyond?  How are installers going to pass these high bandwidth signals that could potentially exceed 100Gbps?
The answer is Fiber Optics.
The optical signal does not get altered because of electromagnetic interference. It can send a signal over miles and miles, which makes it clear, fiber the future of audio/video distribution. Installing fiber optics in your systems ensures your ability to upgrade the system down the road with very little work. Giving you future business, keeping your customers happy, and their costs down. Before we get into how to use fiber for HDMI signal distribution, let's look at some bandwidth numbers to show how important it is to have a system that meets today's requirements. 

Source  Maximum Bandwidth
DVD Player .173 Gbps
Blu-ray Player 6.68 Gbps
PS4 10.2 Gbps
Xbox One 10.2 Gbps
UHD Blu-ray Player 18 Gbps
Xbox One X 18 Gbps
Apple TV 4K 18 Gbps
PS5 (late 2020) 48 Gbps
Xbox Series X (late 2020) 48 Gbps




​You can see that bandwidth is increasing very rapidly and won't stop anytime soon. AVPro Edge has the solution.
By converting any HDMI signal into a fiber optic signal, you can deliver the signal anywhere you please with much less distance and bandwidth restrictions. AVPro Edge offers two different fiber optic extension products that convert the HDMI signal to fiber and back to HDMI. You can use these kits in any video installation, including home theater, whole-home AV, restaurants, corporate environments, schools, universities, digital signage, or any other video distribution path. 
Here is a look at our fiber optic extenders:




If you would like more information on our fiber optic products, please reach out today at 605-274-6055, or email us at info@avproedge.com.


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